Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, anyway - seems I made another one with a penis. That's right, Evil Monkey 2.0 is...a...BOY!!! I've circled the manly bits for one and all to view. So, everyone say hi to Isaac. Isaac, say hi to Herr Vogler, Timmay, Reed, and anyone else that just happens to occasionally find their way here. It's just the three of them you say, oh...well, ahem, in that case...

By the way, seems the fine folks at the bank have deemed Blogger inappropriate for us poor adult type folks and blocked it. So it seems my posting output will be going down the shitter. Not that I posted a lot anyway, but still...what a bunch of douchesticks. REALLY?!?! MY BLOG...BLOCKED?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Reed said...

Very good sir.

MagicWord: pubesses ... my God, how appropriate!

Herr Vogler said...


word verification: slics

Herr Vogler said...

But...I said it was going to be a girl.

I was...wrong?

I'm never wrong!

I guess this is proof that little Isaac isn't yours!

word verification: beacksh

beacksh: (Yid.) the condition of your wife carrying another man's child.

the warrior bard said...


Well, pikey, congratulations on adding yet another penis to the pile. Uh... I mean, adding another penis to aggravate your wife. Uh...

Yeah, I could see why this site would be blocked.

Mikey the Pikey said...

Brad - you realize through your "oh-so-subtle" comment your implying not so much that I'm not the father of my child as that my wife is a dirty-slut-whore-bitch.

Therefore - I must kill you now you bastard!

Actually, if you count all the male members of my family against all the female members they outnumber them about 3-to-1. So actually the odds are in my favor!

the warrior bard said...

Word verification: reedrat


the warrior bard said...

Pubes, penises, and poo. What a great blog!