Monday, January 11, 2010

A Gentle Reminder

So anyway, a little something (embedded below - wait for it, just keep reading) came my way, and I couldn't help but ponder the struggles of the Obama administration in its first year. Struggles to keep promises made during his election campaign. Struggles to renew, strengthen, or outright start diplomacy with a world that had lost most, if not all faith, in the United States as a world leader. Struggles to fix internal problems: finance, health care, the "war". Struggles just to save face. And let's be fair for a moment - the President of the United States...the proverbial leader of the free world, is still just a man (and ladies please relax, I mean that in an all-encompassing, species sort of way; not the "the Prezident cain't be havin' no durn vagina" sort of way). He can only come up with ideas, plans, agendas...he can't make them happen. He can only propose policy, he can't dictate it. He can't even be directly involved in the writing of the laws - he can only put his signature to the finished product.

A good portion of the American populace is doing its best to try and forget that the years 2001 to 2008 ever even happened (at least where Washington D.C. is concerned). And then there are those that actually miss the former administration. Those that think we could not and have not ever been worse off than we are right now - I suppose this post really isn't for those people...but I digress. So while I don't want to stir up any bad memories - provoke any hostilities as it were - I thought I'd take a moment to remind every one just how much better things are now, or at least how much better things can be. How much potential this current President and his administration truly has. I want to remind everyone of the good that can come from our leadership if only our legislative branch can stop all of their petty bickering and unite to make a better America for one and all. I just wanted to offer a gentle, subtle reminder that this...

...used to be the most powerful man in the world. This was the face of America. Once several years back on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart had someone from Congress on (can't recall who, I just remember it was a Republican) and tried to be diplomatic by saying Bush wasn't stupid. With it being 2010 and all, looking back I think it's safe to say that yes Jon...Bush was/is/forevermore shall be stupid. It's can say it now. In fact, I don't think that does it justice. The man was fucking retarded! So I say to you people (left or right) if nothing else - if you really don't like the way things are now, just remember...they can always be worse!

That was an awful lot of work just to share one, stupid picture with!


Herr Vogler said...

According to John Oliver, George Bush is a performance artist who was just letting us know what it would have been like to have someone like him in the White House for eight years.

the warrior bard said...


the warrior bard said...

My parents are among the many fools with wool willfully pulled over their eyes, those who truly believe that everything was peachy until Obama took the reins and fucked everything up. It's really frustrating and discouraging to me that so many people like this will never, ever accept that things didn't exactly go so well with a professed Chrish-chun from Texas in charge.

It's okay to criticize someone on their administrative merits, you know. Your faith doesn't make you a good presider of shit. The media shouldn't be a fucking holy war.

Wait. Wait... yes... okay... uh-huh, yes, I am certain of it now. Yes. I'm getting pissed off.

No, seriously. It just makes me sigh in resignation and want to hibernate for another three years just so I don't have to endure the next election circus.

Mikey the Pikey said...

I can't even begin to fathom where the mentality that Obama is the supposed "harbinger of doom" even comes from . Is it some deep seeded, subconcious, ethnically prejudicial thing? Is it a fear of some combination of his youth, vigor, intelligence, and idealism? If that's the case, I can't help but wonder if there was a national freak-out when Kennedy was elected too.

There's this odd acceptance, particularly amongst those on the far right, that the last eight years had nothing to do with the state of our nation at present. That the current presidential administration didn't inherit our national woes, they created them - as if everything in the country was hunky-fuckin'-dory since 2001 and up until the day before inaugeration...then, the moment the black guy put his hand on the bible to be sworn in, the country turned into a giant shitburger!

REALLY?! You really think that's what happened?! So what, the last eight years with the meat popcicle in office, getting us into a war we had no fucking business being in, completely fucking over the national financial system, clusterfucking national crises (Katrina) as though they were just a minor traffic accident - those things didn't happen?!?! Or even worse...they were a good thing for the nation!

It's as if Republicans (and even some middle-fence-ers) are suffering from some sort of mass delusion. They're sharing a psychosis! And it's fucking infuriating sometimes! WE-HAD-A-FUCKING-RETARD-FOR-A-PRESIDENT-FOR-EIGHT-GODDAMNED-YEARS, and rather than just admit "Hey, maybe we were wrong on that one", they'd rather unite to dump it all on the new guy!

Well fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck! That's amazing. Seriously, I need some of whatever these people are smoking.

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Herr Vogler said...

I believe there was a certain level of national freakout prior to the 1960 presidential election over Kennedy's being Catholic. Perhaps it wasn't a freakout so much as a collective holding of breath.

Also, I'm sure the picture's been photoshopped, but I just realised that the phone is to his ear upside-down.

Mikey the Pikey said...

And therein lies the point of the whole ordeal (photoshopped or not).