Friday, September 30, 2005

Il Buono, il Brutto, ed il cattivo.

Il Buono: I may be transferring out of the shithole I currently work in – yea! And it’ll be a promotion by about 4 grade levels (moola!).
Il Cattivo: I didn’t get the gig scoring the film for the guy here in K.C. (oh had I mentioned that I sent in a demo to someone – oops…sorry, my bad...details,details…)
Il Brutto: I’m still going to be working for the bank, just a different department on a different floor so I’ll basically just be trading the shithole in for a mudhole ("Slimy, mudhole…my home this is!!!" – hehehe).

Il Buono
: We’re now in the weekly doctor visit cycle for Il Bambino and we even get to have another sonogram next week to have a look and see how he’s doing (sweet).
Il Cattivo: I’m now counting the days until I get to be someone’s father (shit) and I get to watch another man fiddle with my wife's punanny once a week - can you say "Just try to relax, m'kay!"? (double shit).
Il Brutto: The chart diagramming the varying styles of baby stool that was passed around in our last birthing class last night (Ewwwwwwww!!!!!! Eww, Eww, Eww Eww, Ewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!)

Il Buono: I got my new cell phone yesterday. It’s one of those Motorola RAZR V3’s…tres cool! At least when I get that special call telling me to get my ass home, I know my phone will work!
Il Cattivo: Even after the rebate and the two-year contract extension I’m still out $185.00………ouch!
Il Brutto: The self-portrait I took with the built-in camera feature while I was playing with it – holy that what I look like all the time?!?

Il Buono
: It was employee recognition day at work…translation: free eats (ok, and some good people got recognized for their efforts – yadda yadda yadda).
Il Cattivo: The bank’s cheap and they served sloppy ho’s and potato chips.
Il Brutto: It was disco themed this time…translation: corporate executives making jackasses out of themselves in leisure suits and platform shoes – again……holy fuck!

…to be continued……

Friday, September 09, 2005

News from Mikee's World, Random Thoughts, and Other Various Obscenities

So anyway, my public (all 1 or 2 of them, hell there may actually be 3 whole people who read this shit) are (apparently!) in need of a fresh heap of my banal here's what's going on in my world.....

Just got a demo packet mailed off to a film production company here in K.C. (yea!). I may actually get to be a fucking composer soon. BTW mein Herr, you'll be glad to know that I wrote something new for the demo (all 2 minutes of it - what is all this crathineth?). With any luck, they might just like my shit enough to let me score a feature length film they're making (double yea!).

It's now quarter til night...on Friday...which basically means I've been up way the fuck too long. If any of this stops making already!

I've been listening to my library of music on iTunes for the last hour...I am soooooooo Jonesing for Ten Thousand Fists right now. For those not in the know, that's Disturbed's new album due on the 20th. They're going to be in town on November 7th (stupid job, stupid baby - I'm kidding...really! Though I haven't seen them live yet and would at least consider seriously maiming a total stranger for a chance to go.) I keep a lot of my 'popular' shit on the computer. According to iTunes I now have 1 day, 11 hours, 5 minutes, and 47 seconds of music on my computer...half of which, when turned up really loud, tends to make your ears ring and piss off your neigbors and old people (god I hate old people). Metal up your ass baby!

Watched Fight Club again the other day..."My God, I haven't been fucked like that since grade school!" may just be the single coolest line of dialog ever put to paper then subsequently uttered by a half nasty skank/half total hotty actress on film.

I've been remodeling various parts of my house on weekends for the last two months...and, strangely, I still don't think I'm even close to il finito! Il finito isn't even on the radar right now. If my point of origin is Earth, and il finito is the sun, I think I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of Wolf-fucking-359! FUCK!!! But, it'll all be worth it when the little anti-Christ gets here.

Had our second birthing class yesterday. I've now officially seen 3 whole deliveries on video in the last two weeks and well......ewwwww......enough already. If you haven't seen In the Womb on National Geographic Channel, I highly recommend you check it out...although (*spoiler warning*) seeing the newborn's head emerging as though it was a baby shaped hemorrhoid on that woman's ass might have been a touch much. Additionally, though I'm sure I should be scared-the-fuck shitless by impending bambio...bambio...damn...bambino (I'm too tired to type), but I'm not really...fact is, I can't wait to meet the little Irish freak. T-minus 7 weeks and counting (yea - I think?!).

Not to be a raging cocksucker...but does anyone else feel eerily reminded of similar events from 3 years, 364 days ago. All I can think of is how people kept throwing out numbers...numbers, numbers, numbers..."There could be as many as 15,000 dead - HOLY FUCKING SHIT" - Final body count: appx 2,900. For those that are extra thick, I'm referring to the aftermath coverage of 9/11. 3K poor souls is still a terrible travesty (God bless them all), but leave it to every newsperson in the free world to jump to a million and one conclusions about how terrible the final result would be only to be shot down without so much as a "sorry, our bad" by the final totals. Let's just leave it with "It'll be interesting to see how things actually turn out" for now.

The award for Second Best Line of Dialog Put to Paper (but not necessarily uttered by a half nasty skank/half totally hot actress) goes to "Katie Holmes, hmm, the things I would eat out of her ass...YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!" - brownie points (and maybe a secret decoder ring) to anyone (other than the Herr) who can tell me what that's from!

Speaking of which: I was never a Boy Scout, but I have eaten a few Brownies (I love that joke!).

Told You It Would Be Random (and obscene)