Monday, March 27, 2006

Saturday, March 25, 2006


So anyway, some sad news that is (in my opinion anyway) something akin to hearing that Big John just died. Apparently (according to via Gorfaine/Schwartz) Hans (The Destroyer of Worlds) Zimmer has been tapped to score The Simpsons feature film due in 2008.


that is all.

Monday, March 13, 2006


So anyway, guess it's a good thing I haven't bought the tickets for Grendel in June because it looks like we're not going after all. It's not that we can't swing the ticket prices, or the cost of a car rental for 3 days and 4 nights. It's not that we couldn't get a place to stay, or afford a little light dining and entertainment while we were there. It's the $500+ for 2 round-trip airline tickets that's destroying my dream. At what point does life cease being a seemingly endless series of disappointments and finally start getting good? At least I have my Monkey. Oh what I wouldn't give just to be able to eat a can of beans and some hot salsa and just fart us to the west coast for a few days. If life was a cartoon, I'd have found some hair-brained scheme to try and make it work. But then, if life was a cartoon, said hair-brained scheme would likely have just resulted in large quantities of my personal property blowing up in a puff of purple smoke or something.

I think what I'm really regretting is losing the opportunity for Mrs. The Pikey to get all dolled up for a night on the town. I say that because in the 9 years (as of last Saturday) that we've been together, she's worn a dress all of maybe 6 times (including the big white one!). My wife has great legs, and I just don't get too many opportunities to see them all snazzy-like and what not! Don't get me wrong, I love the missus more than anything. And I think she's the most gorgeous woman on earth (really - Paul Newman said it best when he said "Why go out for hamburger when I've got steak at home"), but when it comes to being, well...a girl, she's just about clueless. She doesn't like shopping, or shoes, or clothes, or make-up, or fashionable hair styles or anything else that women are usually in to. She does like T.V. shows about the old frontier days (i.e. Little House, etc.) and movies in 19th century England (Jane Austin, the Bronte's, etc). I wonder what that means? Oh well...


On the plus side of things...the Monkey now officially has...a tooth! YEA!!! Well, more or less anyway. It's just under the skin of his gums. You can feel it plain as day - sharp little bugger! Now at least I can see what he's been bitching about for the last month or so! Now if I can just get that ever elusive "Da-Da" out of him...I suppose I could die happy (or at least mostly so)! So what the hell is this posting really about? No clue! However, in the unlikely event I do make it to heaven, you think the good Lord will see fit to not allow my wife to wear pants for all eternity?