Tuesday, December 26, 2006



Ok, so um...yeah, two for one sale today. But I had to say something. Has anyone else seen what has to happen for K.C. to pick-up the Wildcard spot? I'm sure a lot of people could give a shit, maybe two (two whole shits - wouldn't that be something?!), but I do...so here's how it breaks down:

Denver has to lose
Tennessee has to lose
The Jets have to lose

Yeah, ok so it could happen, here's the rub: Denver's got San Fran at home (fuck), Tennessee has the Patriots (ok, not so bad), and the Jets...


Oakland...arguably one of the worst teams in NFL FUCKING HISTORY!!! What're they gonna do, pull one out of their collective ass and win one just to retain their dignity? Right, and my wife's gonna let me have that hot 3-way I've been dying/begging for! Don't Fuckin' Think So!!!


(*in English accent*)It's...just not fair!

Materialistic Capitalist American Swine...ooh, CD's!!!

"Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Mer...Kiss my ass. Kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass......Happy Hanukkah!"

So anyway, I know I haven't had much to say in a while (at least that didn't concern the death of someone relatively famous anyway), so I thought I'd throw a season's greetings out to my loyal fan base (all two or three of you..."I'm a very lonely man!"). While I was here I thought I'd share how nice Satan Clause was to me this year and see if anyone else wanted to reciprocate.

Let's see...

Got a nice juicy 19" flat-panel widescreen monitor for my studio. Yea!!!
And a 48-port patch bay. Double-yea!!!
And an effects/accentuator pedal for my synth...yea again! (in case anyone's wondering, the pedal basically fortissimos passages when depressed during playback adding emphasis to the music where the performer - me - needs it. Kinda cool, huh?!)
And thanks to Brad, my mom caught me up on a rather large hole in my Basil Poledouris CD collection (The Blue Lagoon, Lonesome Dove, and For Love of the Game - all very much recommended). So...thanks mom, thanks Brad!!!

Birthday's on Friday (fuck...30......fuck!!!). I know mom got me the complete Two Towers and something else. Sam got me a John Williams Signature Score from Hal Leonard. Hoping it's Far and Away, E.T., Close Encounters, or Viktor's Tale (from The Terminal). They really need to release a new one. And releasing 1941 by itself without the parts would be a plus too!!!

Anyway, that's what the American Consumer Commercialist Holiday Goat (the bunny was already taken by that other Jesus Day) brought this year...how'd everyone else make out?!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Ok, If This Keeps Up, I'm Going to Have to Change the Name of This Blog to "Shehan's 'You Heard It Here First' Artist Obits and More"!!!

So anyway, I know it's early so I imagine no one's heard yet, but Shirley Walker died of a brain aneurysm yesterday. At this point I'm more than grateful that November is finally over because it was not a good month for artistry in Hollywood. That makes Basil, Altman, Big Jack Palance, and now Shirley (ok, so who am I forgetting...). For those of you who are unfamiliar, Ms. Walker was really a damned good orchestrator/conductor/composer. Just listen to just about anything Danny Elfman did before 1995 or so and she had a hand in its orchestrations. Her music for Batman: The Animated Series was top notch, and there were several of her film scores that I was fond of, particularly Memoirs of an Invisible Man, and the first two Final Destination's were pretty good too. She and Rachael Portman more or less embodied feminine success in film music. Shirley wasn't exactly a household name like Johnny or Jerry, but I'm sure she'll still be missed nonetheless.